We customize each project to meet our clients' needs with a superior array of furnishings. Our designers will coordinate a memorable staging and design service to compliment your unoccupied space. We transform houses into sophisticated homes that look lived in.



Vacant Home Staging

In order to get the highest potential return on your investment, Vacant Home Staging is the way to go. With Vacant Home Staging, our Staging by SquareOne experts will turn your empty home into a wondrous living space, filled with top-notch furniture, accessories, and artwork that complement the style of the home as well as the target market. But don’t worry, you don’t need to evacuate your home for us to stage it. We can work together to decide which rooms are left untouched, so that you can still live in the comfort of your own home while select rooms are putting on a show for buyers.

Occupied Staging and Interior Design Services

With Occupied Home Staging, we enhance the furniture, artwork, and accessories that already exist in your home. Think of it as us putting the cherry-on-top of your already beautifully-furnished home. This method provides a lower-cost alternative than Vacant Home Staging, as we will be working with a space that already aligns with the style and price point of the home. In our complimentary staging consultation, our Staging by SquareOne designers will assess the home and recommend the best option for staging that will get you the desired results.


Luxury Home Staging

Luxury Home Staging is the same concept as Vacant Home Staging, where we completely design your luxury home space from top to bottom. We use only our most extravagant furniture, artwork, accessories, and fabrics to wow your potential buyers. Our Staging by SquareOne design experts will help you determine whether your home falls into the Luxury or Vacant Home Staging categories.


Walk Through
  • On site visit, complete tour of home
  • Design review, space objective, before pictures
  • Send a proposal which includes pricing, dates, agreement


  • Sign contract, send deposit, schedule date
  • Stage home
  • Two months contract, option to extend
  • De stage home
  • Marketing your property through social media
  • Contingency removal for close of Escrow dates
  • One week advance notice